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a focus on energy transition projects
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Solar Square is an international RES Developer with a focus on energy transition projects and ESG related initiatives in the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

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Private Investors

Partner with the Future of Renewable Energy

As a private investor, you have the power to make a difference while generating attractive returns. When you partner with us, you're investing in clean, sustainable energy projects that are designed to be as profitable as they are responsible. Your capital serves as a catalyst for growth, enabling state-of-the-art renewable solutions that shape the future of the industry. Join us today for unparalleled access to premium projects, transparent operations, and long-term financial gains.

Pension Funds

Secure Long-Term Value with Sustainable Investments

Pension funds require stability, growth, and ethical investment opportunities; all of which are at the heart of our renewable energy projects. Our diverse portfolio, marked by its long-term viability and impactful environmental benefits, aligns seamlessly with the goals of pension funds. By collaborating with us, you can ensure a sustainable future for your beneficiaries while meeting fiduciary responsibilities with the highest standards of excellence.

Investment Funds

Elevate Your Portfolio with High-Growth Renewable Projects

Investment funds seek out opportunities for exponential growth and market-leading innovations. Our renewable energy projects offer just that—a compelling blend of technological advancement and scalability. Through a partnership with us, you'll gain exposure to an emerging sector poised for significant market disruption. Our robust risk management and financial modeling tools further ensure that you're making an investment that's as sound as it is pioneering.


Empower Your Community through Localized Renewable Solutions

Communities stand to gain immensely from the local implementation of renewable energy projects. Partnering with us not only boosts local economies through job creation but also paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future. Our community-focused approach ensures that you're involved in every step of the development process, from planning to execution. Together, we can build projects that provide lasting social, economic, and environmental benefits for your community.

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